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Q & A

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Is there a wait time for a plot?

At the moment, there is. The waiting time varies from two weeks to a few months. However, the SBCG is applying for permission to expand the garden, making more room for more plots and other facilities. Once permission is granted, wait times shouldn’t exceed two weeks.

How are plots allocated?

Plots are allotted on the basis of availability and where you are on whatever waiting list may exist at the time of your joining. Also, the level of active participation demonstrated during the waiting process can also factor in. For example, participation in maintaining the SBCG grounds, manure ‘pony poo’ runs, helping to turn compost bins, or with our Bunnings sausage sizzle fundraising events. 

Can I join without having a plot?

Yes, you can. In fact, there are several members who don’t have an actual plot. These members help around the garden wherever they are needed.  Some of these duties include taking care of the food forest, working in the propagation area, upkeep of the grounds, turning compost bins, and assisting with fundraising.

Who actually owns the garden?

The land on which the SBCG is situated is leased from the Gold Coast City Council. As such, it remains open to the public.

Why aren’t there any fences?

The absence of fencing is intentional. This is because we feel an open garden is an inviting garden. People can freely come and go through the garden. In doing so, they are introduced to many examples and subsequent benefits of growing their own food. In this manner, the garden becomes an educational tool by its very existence. 

As there aren’t any fences, how do you ensure the various garden plots aren’t pillaged?

Essentially, SBCG operates on an honour system. And, as such, by becoming a plot holder at our garden, you need to accept you may occasionally lose some produce. We consider this is a small price to pay in light of the many benefits the garden brings to the community in general.

How much does an annual SBCG membership cost?

Annual membership fees are as follow: Single Individual–$10, Family–$20, Organisation–$20

 The membership fees are very reasonable. How does SBCG raise revenue?

The SBCG raises the bulk of its operating fund expenses through sausage sizzles, donations, and grants from government agencies and other organizations.

Are there activities for children?

Yes, there are. The SBCG welcomes the participation of children in the garden in various ways. Such as helping out in growing their own produce, helping with the planting of seedlings, and lending a helping hand during Working Bees. The garden also has a children’s library kindly provided by Storyfest Little Library.

How do I actually become a member?

Becoming a member is a straightforward process. First, pick up a membership brochure from under the SBCG clubhouse covered area in the garden. After that either fill it out and hand to someone in the garden or fill it out and email it to us at SouthernBeachesCommunityGarden@gmail.com. Once we receive it, you can expect an invitation to attend our next committee meeting. Attendance at one of our committee meetings prior to your joining is mandatory.